An Introduction to Understanding X-Ray Lead Markers

An Introduction to Understanding X-Ray Lead Markers

High-quality medical equipment is essential for providing patients with the diagnostic and treatment services they need, but that shouldn’t mean it has to cost a bundle. One website,, offers equipment manufactured by industry-leading supply companies at great prices. Just one of the essential products they offer, known in the industry as x-ray lead markers, is described below.

The Importance of X-Ray Markers

X-ray lead markers are used to differentiate between the patient’s left side and right side. They are commonly used during x-ray procedures to understand the position of injuries and diagnose organ positioning disorders. Their importance extends beyond the diagnostic field and into legal documents, though, as medical facilities are required to designate sides on their x-rays in order for them to be considered legal documents.

Standard Left/Right X-Ray Markers

While the use of x-ray lead markers is obligatory, the presence of a radiology tech’s initials on them is a matter of company policy. Purchasing standard color-coded markers that include initials is the best way to help facilities quickly determine which radiology tech took the images.

Positioning X-Ray Markers

There are certain circumstances under which a medical facility may need to include specific positioning information on the x-ray markers they use for diagnostics. This information may include whether the patient was erect or supine when the image was taken, and whether or not the affected body part was weight bearing. Some x-ray markers feature bubble compartments holding lead balls that can be used to mark the position patients held without the need for using separate positioning markers.

Informative X-Ray Markers

Some x-ray markers provide additional patient information such as patient name, procedure date and time, measurement standards, and elapsed time. While not required by law, these informative markers can be helpful in keeping patient information organized.

Sun-Dial X-Ray Markers

Sun-dial x-ray markers feature a rotating centerpiece located around the face of the marker. They can be used to show how much time has elapsed since an admission or injury to allow techs to imprint x-rays with information without the need for multiple markers.

Skin Markers

Sometimes it can be helpful to highlight particular areas of the skin during diagnostic imaging. There are several types of x-ray marker used for these purposes, but most of them feature a medical adhesive that allows easy placement on a patient’s body. Visit for more information about these and other diagnostic imaging markers today.


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